Home Education 
Tailored for Each, Unique Student 

The services we offer range from fully-guided, home education curriculums to single-subject curriculums to focus modules all designed based on your family's unique schedule and preferences.  
Each curriculum, each lesson, or module is built for each individual child  
Lessons are 'delivered' daily or weekly via Google - everything is online. 
( We have Chromebooks available! )

Out of the country?
Our system can go any where you go!

Family emergency?
Need to withdraw your students from their regular school for a few weeks?
We can provide lessons to keep your kids up to date.

Need some credit recovery?
Struggling with a concept or subject?
Want some summer lessons?
We can provide all this and more.

We strive to empower our students by building self-confidence, self-reliance and good health.

Home Education = Learning at its best!

We create unique whole curriculums, single-subject curriculums and focus modules based on each student's needs and interests.

Education is 3 skills:
so, these skills form the framwork of our curriculums and lessons.
We use science, history, and literature as the 'fuel' to feed the skills.

We offer whole curriculums, single-subject curriculums or focus modules!