Home Education

Many people are familiar with the term  "homeschooling". Home Education is a new approach that refers to in-home educational academics that encompasses a 'whole child' approach to life preparation. 
 Home Education is the idea that children can be taught to be self-learners using the three core subjects of reading, writing and math with sciences and civic studies learned as supporting subjects. 

The home education process includes healthy nutrition, healthy sleeping habits and physical fitness along with best practices, result-based parenting.  

Home education strives to eliminate the consuming of artificial sugars, processed food, fast food and addictions to electronics all of which contribute to unhealthy, passive living and thinking.  

We strive to empower our students by building self-confidence, self-reliance and positive, life-long healthy practices.

The Home Education system that we offer is a fully-guided home learning system that families can modify to suit their schedules and preferences. 

 All lessons are paper and pencil using real books. (Many lessons are accompanied by presentations.) Once daily lessons are complete, students will scan (turn in) each day's work using the Internet. A real, certified teacher will check for mistakes, offer feedback and make recommendations as to the next day's lessons and activities.

Students will start each day reviewing their  checked lessons from the day before along with teacher feedback and recommendations. 

Students will be supplied with all lesson materials and supplies for each day.

Parents will have total access to lessons, feedback, student progress, and teacher communication using texts, video chat, comparative examples and recommendations for each academic step. Parents will be able to offer suggestions and guidelines as they see fit for their child at any time.

Study times, and the study environment will be totally under the parents' control. No more struggling to fit a family's personal schedule into a schedule dictate by a school district or have an impressionable child exposed to unwanted socialization outside the parents' control.

We teach students how to learn, how to find out for themselves, how to teach themselves making them life-long learners and giving them true confidence that only comes from fundamental