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Children Need Our Love

by Colleen Walker on 10/13/16


Today, a colleague shared the following quote with me:

"Children who are loved at home come to school to learn. Children who are not loved at home come to school to be loved." - Nicholas Ferroni

What a profound observation! What an amazing reminder to all teachers and administrators the raw stop-gap that they provide.

Sometimes in education and in the controlling or funding of education, folks spend a lot of time looking at reports and figures and percentages where students are reduced down to mere numbers on a page. Everyone must remain ever mindful that those numbers represent real kids. Living, breathing, dreaming, needing kids who are far more vulnerable and impressionable than adults are often mindful of.

The everyday-ness of the rigors of running a classroom or school or district from day to day, can bog everyone down obscuring the true goals. The children are whole lives hurdling through life just like everybody else, but they have the added burden of being trapped in whatever circumstance nature has seen fit to drop them in to. They also lack the experience to know what is best for them.

This lovely and astute quote should bring us all back to the original starting point with a refreshed view.  The everyday blinders need to be pulled back, even if temporarily, resetting our hearts and minds.

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