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In the Beginning...

by Colleen Walker on 10/12/16

October 12, 2016

Today feels like a new dawn for me. I have decided to start writing a blog. Whoopee! Right? Well, maybe. I suppose I feel like most people in that I have lots to say, and a longing to be heard. But in my case perhaps, being an elementary school teacher, I am privy to endless blogging fodder that will at the very least be worth spending a few minutes to read. I should always have something new flowing from my daily life with my students to ponder, to discuss, to laugh or cry about. At the end of each day, my mind is typically full of thoughts, ideas and observations about kids, education, kids, parents, fellow teachers, parenting, kid...get the idea? Hey, maybe I can go further and inform, entertain or even inspire! Gosh! I'm all a twitter...blogger...anyway, here goes.

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