Our whole curriculums focus
on 3 core subjects:

Sciences and Social Studies are covered via reading and hands-on activities

All our lessons are all delivered and turned back in to our certified teachers via the internet, so you can really live anywhere and enjoy our program!
What you get:

*Diagnostic Testing - to determine starting points and gaps in 3 core subjects

*Individualized Curriculum - lessons created, sequenced and modified (if needed) to suit each student's individual learning needs and interests

*Reading lists geared for progressively more sophisticated language usage and vocabulary

*Daily Math lessons monitored and adjusted to each student's progress

*Daily Writing lessons starting first with penmanship, and then, moving into original compositions

*Student math and compositions will be checked daily with feedback from a certified, experienced teacher

*Parents will have complete access to student lessons, teacher feedback, checked work, and comparison examples of completed lessons

*All student work will be submitted via the Internet using a scanner and/or cell phone images, so no need to drive students anywhere

*Optional field trips, workshops, guest speakers, book clubs and hands-on activities will be available. 
(These options will carry an extra charge per event.)
Ideally, we strive for: 

5 hours of daily study, 6 days a week over a 10 month period with breaks at
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and Summer

(Year-round curriculums also available. )

In our program, 
parents are all powerful 
and set the rules, time frame and study schedule for their households, but 
we do recommend that TV viewing, video game exposure, and cell  phone use be very limited.

Also, we suggest eliminating artificial sugars, fast food, junk food, and reduce intake of starchy carbohydrates, and fried foods. 

The establishment of stable, consistent sleep schedules, plus the assignment of daily household responsibilities with clearly defined expectations is also recommended.